The destination
Massachusetts, my ‘home state’ which I left in the summer of 1970 on a journey that took me to Oregon, my ‘home’ for the past 34 years...
The mode
The time
June 22nd to August 17th, 2004
The route
Charleston, OR ( Sunset Bay) to Astoria, OR via Hwy 101, then east to St. Louis, MO following the Lewis & Clark Trail. From there, a quick dash across the remaining six states to Provincetown, MA on the tip of Cape Cod…
The mileage
4316.7 mi.
The reason
Because at 50, my wife said that climbing Mt. Everest was out of the question and that I’d better find another challenge closer to home…
The motivation
The Women’s Safety and Resource Center in North Bend, OR is embarking on a similar challenge – raising the funds necessary to build a new facility designed to meet the needs of women (and children) seeking shelter and assistance who are dealing with domestic abuse, drug & alcohol issues and homelessness. Named Coddington Place, the multi-purpose facility will be built on Newmark Ave., SW of the western entrance to SWOCC. In addition to transitional housing, it will contain office space for the organization, a ‘common area’ for related activities, an outdoor playground for kids and space for a vegetable garden. All donations to the ride will go to this non-profit agency to help the women and families they serve in Coos County…

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"The Letter"...

Women's Safety
& Resource Center
Providing emergency services
to victims of domestic violence
and sexual assault in Coos County


Breaking Ground Article

(Women's Center ready to build new facility )



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